Recent Sessions

As I embark on my Not a Blog venture, I think it is incredibly fun for future clients to see recent session, as well as current clients to be able to brag that they are on my website - so win-win all around! And it gives me a chance to showcase some new and creative spaces I explored within my own photography.

Sunrise Maternity Sessions

I will offer just a few words about these sessions. MY NEW FAVORITES! Okay, there you go. Just a few words. Okay, just a few more words. The When: 15-20 minutes before the sun rises. Yeah, you heard me - that was 7am before daylight savings hit, and then it turned into a brutal 5:45am, but it was so worth it! The Where: I have a few favorite locations that provide enough height (via buildings, rocks, etc.) that the morning sun has to climb over before God’s rays spill forth entirely. The sweet kisses of His sun rays along the sandy beach is amazing. I call these moments chasing the light. (And then quickly running from it when you are sweating by 8:00am).

Family portrait Mini- & full Sessions

I love photographing lifestyle sessions. These sessions have taken me on hikes in Mission Trails, throughout Balboa Park on perfectly overcast days, running along (and often in) beaches with coastal families reunited, and frolicking (yes, I said frolicking) in fields with newly engaged couples (only newly engaged couples frolic - ha!)

And I hadn’t done mini-sessions in over a year. I think the last time was for Mother’s day in 2017, but I am so glad I offered them again this Fall. Many families used these photos for the holiday season as gifts, and I loved seeing many kids that I have photographed since pre-birth (maternity) as newborns, and many already walking, and taking on their own little person personalities. Time is flying!


Newborn Lifestyle Session

I remember the day I photographed my first born daughter at 9-days new in a studio. I was wearing far too many hats that day. I was the photographer, the photographer assistant, and the nursing mom. After several hours of trying to create the perfect baby swaddle, and molding her tiny head ever so gently into some award-winning Anne Gedes pose (and all props to Anne), I was in pain, sweating and stressed, and vowed never again to recreate that atmosphere of crazy for myself or any other mother. [I mean NO disrespect to any newborn studio photographer - actually, props to you and all the assistants and resources you have available. I had none of that].

But, once I took my newborn home, laid her on the bed on top of a fluffy cream blanket, and watched the natural light frame her soft cheeks, I couldn’t stop photographing her. I found my happy place and never looked back. I ditched the studio equipment. Now, I come into homes with a few blankets and a smile.